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Sleeping in Contacts

Sleeping in Contacts

Ciba vision Stats: Nearly 1 in 5 patients sleep in their contacts. Of those 2 out of 3 are not wearing contacts approved by the FDA for overnight wear. 2 week & monthly disposable contact lens wearers sleep in contacts 21 days per month.

You’ve had a long day at work. You’ve been standing or running around the office all day and your feet are tired. The first thing you do when you get home is take off your shoes. Ahhhhh…. Then you change into some more comfortable clothes to wear around the house and take off your socks…oh yeahhhhh. You wiggle your toes and get a nice refreshing blast of fresh air on those smothered tootsies of yours…man that’s relaxing…

You would never dream of not taking off your socks for a few days or even a week. Gets a little stinky and uncomfortable doesn’t it. Think about the bacteria that are causing that stench and that chases your spouse out of the house from those one week socks. I bet that you take your socks off every night for that nice break and straight direct air. I bet that you launder those socks in between wearings and bath as well.

No I’m not a podiatrist, but I have friends who happen to be. I’m an optometrist trying to make a point regarding contact lens over-wear. When you sleep in your contacts, it is very much like not taking off your socks and shoes, or your socks in the very least. This disconnect amazes me. ?????????(placement in article)

Even if the lenses are approved for overnight wear by the FDA, by choosing to sleep in them you are increasing your risk for infections up to and including very painful corneal ulcers. The chance of corneal ulcer increases up to 20 fold by sleeping in contacts.